Favorite dishes

This one should be easy! What was your favorite? Don’t forget to sign!


7 Responses to “Favorite dishes”

  1. Steve Says:

    The roast chicken was one of my favorites! One Thanksgiving I had about 15 guests. Instead of roasting a turkey, I ordered chicken (with the spicy sauce) from Eddie. Everyone loved it! Of course, I also encouraged people to try the boliche, the pollo salteado, the ropa vieja and the flan.

  2. Haris Says:

    I live in Greece. My friend invited me to eat at La Rosita when I was in New York about 10 years ago. When I saw it the first time, I wasn’t sure. It seemed different from other New York restaurants. It was busy and there were lots of people. But I tried it anyway and it was very good. I come to New York every year, and we always go to La Rosita. Eddie gave us some good ideas when we were planning a trip to Puerto Rico too. Or was it Miami?

  3. Robert Says:

    I came to La Rosita about 15 years ago with a Cuban friend. He was very impressed with the selection of fresh fruit drinks. I think he ordered “mamey”.

  4. JoJo Says:

    Fried sweet plantains and arrepas. YUM

  5. Rosalind Says:

    My usual – two eggs over easy over yellow rice with black beans, with a plate of fried sweet plantains on the side. And the cafe con leche… I’ve been away from New York for several years now, but I always remember La Rosita fondly, and am sad to hear that it is going!

    And the roast chicken was always delicious too!

  6. Della Says:

    My personal morning favorite has always been cafĂ© con leche with toast, scrambled eggs, white rice, black beans, and bacon. However, I recently discovered the irresistable and delicious arepas, which I now have with eggs and bacon. Maybe I’ll have platanos next time as well.

    For dinner I have always found the ropa vieja fantastic but tonight I tried the chuletas de cerdo, with black beans and white rice, and was thrilled by its succulence.

    I am hoping to get there in a day or two to try a cubano sandwich!

    I love Enrique and Eddy and all the waitresses.

    I cannot imagine how our neighborhood will exist without La Rosita!

    My best wishes to each of you for new beginnings in 2007.

  7. Tom Says:

    Hands down, the chicharrones de pollo, sometimes with sweet plantains, sometimes with yellow rice and black beans. A mango or papaya batido to wash it down and, really, that was all the food anyone would need to get through an entire day. I really loved the Cubano sandwiches too. I arrived in NYC a pretty unadventurous eater; La Rosita helped open my palate to the many strange and wonderful foods of the world. Thanks so much for the many, many, many thousands of calories!

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