NYTimes: A Caribbean Sunset

December 24, 2006

December 24, 2006: THIS Christmas, in keeping with nearly a quarter century of tradition, Enrique Fernández will oversee the preparation of a Caribbean holiday meal at La Rosita, his down-home Cuban restaurant in Morningside Heights.
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La Rosita people

December 16, 2006

Do you have any stories to share about the people who work at La Rosita? Eddie? Enrique? the waitresses? the cooks? Leave a comment…

Favorite dishes

December 15, 2006

This one should be easy! What was your favorite? Don’t forget to sign!

Who is coming to the Fiesta(s)?

December 14, 2006

There is one scheduled for December 27 at 8 PM, and there may be more. Jodi Hordan, Deirdre Towers, Jared Newman, Ronald Gray and Marc Ettinger well perform. Others are planned for the 28th and 29th. Watch for details! Celebrate 25 years of delicious food and wonderful people.

La Rosita for breakfast!

December 14, 2006

Scrambled eggs, bacon, yellow rice, black beans with hot sauce. Cafe con leche. Nothing like it anywhere else!

It happened at La Rosita…

December 13, 2006

Do you have any stories to share with other La Rosita fans? Please leave a comment…